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3 FAQs about felons possessing a firearm

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense

As a convicted felon, you have a challenging road ahead to rebuild your life.

If you get caught with a firearm, you may make the situation worse. Both federal and state laws prohibit a person convicted of a serious felony from possessing a firearm.

1. What crimes ban me from having a firearm?

Whether convicted of committing or conspiring or attempting to commit a violent crime, you automatically lose your right to possess a firearm of any type. These types of convictions include manslaughter, battery, arson and robbery. Additionally, a person convicted of a Class A domestic battery misdemeanor in Indiana also gets prohibited from possessing a gun unless they get their rights restored.

2.  What consequences might I face if I get caught with a gun?

Gun possession charges for a felon come with steep consequences. Considered a Level 5 felony, you may face up to six years in prison and potentially $10,000 in fines. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the firearm discovery, you may get charged with additional crimes.

3. Can I ever get my right to own a gun back?

Typically, you will not get your right to own a gun back. If you had a non-violent felony conviction, you have the right to petition the courts to change your charges to a misdemeanor. For violent offenses, you have very limited options. Only an expungement of your charge will allow you to legally purchase and own a gun.

Even if you get a gun possession charge, you still have legal options.