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At Law Office of B.D. Williams, our entire focus is on defending those accused of crimes with comprehensive, committed and skilled representation. Being faced with criminal charges can be a critical juncture in your life – a point where you need someone on your side whose only aim is to help you get the best possible resolution to your case. That is the kind of tenacious advocacy you will find at our firm where we do nothing else but criminal law at both the state and federal level. Because of his substantial and successful trial experience, Attorney Brian D. Williams has been nationally recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers as well as a Top 100 by The National Black Lawyers. This means he has met “stringent qualifications” and is considered a premier trial attorney in his state. Our firm is proud to bring this level of competence and professionalism to your criminal law case.

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Our Criminal Law Services in Indianapolis And Tippecanoe And Madison Counties

Our Indianapolis criminal law lawyer has extensive practice in handling domestic violence cases of all kinds, including domestic battery and any other crimes committed against a household or family member or intimate partner. We also have considerable experience handling the complex areas of DUI and OWI that combine the science and technology of chemical testing with Indiana law. These cases require in-depth analysis of various significant factors that must be explored to build your defense. Furthermore, our reputable attorney has been sought by other legal professionals to handle such serious crimes as homicide, murder, robbery, and burglary. Other criminal law cases we handle include but are not limited to:

Facing any criminal charge can be stressful and frightening. A skilled criminal defense lawyer is vital to the process and can be crucial in increasing your chances for a favorable outcome, such as probation in lieu of jail time, a reduced charge, reduced sentence, an acquittal or charges never materializing in an investigation. At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, we know how to conduct independent investigations, uncover favorable evidence, find flaws in the state’s case where they exist, prepare and build a defense strategy, and aggressively stand up for you in court. Let us use our decades of honed skills and criminal law knowledge to help you at this urgent time in your life.

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No matter what you are charged with, we can help you with the defense you need. Our attorney can defend you when you have been charged with any of the following crimes:

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Everyone has constitutionally protected civil rights that are in place to ensure fairness and equal treatment in the eyes of the law of the land. You can call us today and get an aggressive defense on your side. Our initial consultation is free and you can reach us at any time. Call (317) 500-4857 or send us a message online to schedule your free consultation with our team.

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