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To provide the best assistance, law firms must use the latest technology and most current resources to ensure that they are giving their clients the defense representation that they need. At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, we are committed to this principle and apply it in all of our cases. Our Indianapolis law office is equipped with the resources, and our team have the skills that you need in order to fight for your rights in the criminal justice system. You have the right to fair treatment under the law, and our mission is to ensure that you receive that and are not harshly prosecuted as just another number in their system. No matter how serious the charges you are facing, we can help you fight back with a vigorous criminal defense.

Decades Of Experience Leveraged For You

Our attorney Brian D. Williams has dedicated his career to protecting people from being unfairly harmed by the criminal justice system. Starting his career in Chicago in 2002, he worked hard to serve his clients and hone his skills in criminal defense. In 2009, he decided to relocate his practice to Indianapolis, where he has sank his roots into the community to provide them his services. His skills allow him to assist clients across a broad array of criminal cases, such as:

In his two decades of practice, Brian has developed his trial skills by taking on the tough cases, working on serious cases where his clients have faced the most serious consequences. By repeatedly working on these cases, he has become deeply knowledgeable of the proper strategies for combating the State’s prosecution and putting the right pressure on their legal theories to make them crumble.

Dedicated, Professional And Thorough

A criminal prosecution is a stressful situation. Your life can be quickly turned on its head as you are thrown into chaos as the criminal justice system prepares their case against you. When you find yourself in this situation, you can rely on the Law Office of B.D. Williams to provide you a strong criminal defense. Our team are standing by to help you no matter what you have been charged with, and we will apply all of our skills and ingenuity into protecting your rights and your future.

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If you are facing criminal charges or need the help of an experienced criminal law attorney to help you, then you can rely on the Law Office of B.D. Williams. Call our team at (317) 500-4857, or send us a message online with a brief description of your situation. Our team offers free initial consultations, so you can have a no obligation case evaluation with us to tell us your situation. The faster you act and contact us, the sooner we can begin defending you and protecting your rights.