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As an Indiana criminal defense attorney I have handled a number of cases. I work to get the best result for my clients each and every time.

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Defending a wide variety of criminal offenses, including OWIs, drug crimes, white collar crime, domestic violence, federal crimes, juvenile crimes and most important, Indiana Second Chance Law expungements.

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A thourough criminal defense resource as well as legal defense. Our website includes valuable information about criminal laws in Indiana and the latest news in criminal justice.

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At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq (“The Law Office of B.D. Williams“) we use cutting-edge technology and virtual resources to optimize efficiency and deliver high-quality work in the most cost-effective manner possible. We are a proudly owned African-American law firm, and we are proud of our ability to remain mindful of precedent while keeping an eye on the future. As an Indiana criminal defense lawyer, the goal is to customize our unique service to fit the needs of individual clients using precedent to guide analysis in a growing and ever-evolving legal landscape.

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Brian D. Williams is the managing attorney for the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq. Brian was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and raised in Indianapolis. Brian attended Ball State University where he played football and obtained his Bachelor of Science. After attending Ball State University, Brian attended The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL where he honed his trial advocacy skills through the guidance and direction of top Chicago prosecutors. Brian graduated from the John Marshall Law School after only 2.5 years (Class Rank: No. 1), with honors, and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2002. Thereafter, Brian practiced civil litigation at a well-respected Chicago firm before entering private practice. As a private practitioner, Brian worked with top litigation firms on behalf of corporate clients. Brian also worked with Frederick F. Cohn one of Chicago’s most well-known criminal defense attorneys. As a Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, Brian personally handled numerous criminal cases including felony drug and weapon cases as well as misdemeanor traffic, drug, and weapon cases. Afterward, Brian returned to Indianapolis, took and passed the Indiana Bar examination, and was admitted to the Indiana Bar.

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If you or a loved one have recently been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, are facing a very intimidating and unsettling experience.
Regardless of whether this was your first arrest, or an individual with a lengthy criminal past, your rights matter. Which is very likely that you or your loved ones have many real and serious concerns. It is our goal to have answers.
When looking for a criminal defense attorney in Indiana, most go to a search engine and type in things like: “criminal lawyers near me”, “criminal attorneys near me”, criminal defense attorney“, “defense attorney“, “criminal lawyer” or “best defense attorney“, and even “best criminal defense lawyer”.
When it comes to defending your or a loved ones freedom, selecting a successful, experienced and proven criminal defense lawyer is what matters the absolute most.
We understand that potential clients in a time of need may need a criminal defense attorney any time of day. This why at B.D. Williams, Esq. we offer free consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our personalized service is about providing a client experience-oriented approach to criminal defense services.
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Everyone has Constitutionally protected civil rights that are in place to ensure fairness and equal treatment in the eyes of the law of the land.
Indiana criminal defense attorney
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As an Indiana criminal defense lawyer, I have vast experience in Indiana criminal defense cases and navigating clients the criminal defense process. I possess the acquired knowledge to effectively build an aggressive defense of your rights.

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