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Indianapolis Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Of all felony accusations, sex crimes are among the worst. The allegations alone can ruin relationships, end careers and destroy marriages. If you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, you must seek help from a lawyer right away.

At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, we use the latest in legal technology to defend our clients. Our goal is to operate at the highest levels of efficiency. We deliver quality representation while making our services affordable to those in need.

No matter the charge, our attorney believes in your right to a defense. He will not shy away from cases that involve strict moral judgments and harsh social stigmas. He will represent you with compassion and care, always looking toward helping you maintain your innocence.

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Common Sex Crime Charges

Below are common types of sex crimes.

Sexual Abuse

This term is broad, and it encompasses many different crimes. It can refer to rape, sexual assault against a minor, child solicitation or molestation, and even cybersex crimes.

You must understand the specific charges against you. Being accused of “sexual abuse” could mean many different things. Your allegations could be unfairly lumped into this larger category, making the charges seem worse than they are. Let our lawyer help you fight your accusers in court. He wants you to walk away with your freedom intact and your name cleared.

Child Pornography

These days, internet security is a major concern. You can easily stumble onto the wrong web address and find your computer full of files you didn’t willfully download. Hackers can use illicit pictures of children to blackmail you. Before you can take action, the authorities could find these images, accusing you of possessing lewd photos of children.

Moreover, we live in sensitive times. Parents with innocent pictures of their children could face wild allegations in court.


It’s difficult for some to believe, but false accusations of rape are common. Statisticians have had a difficult time pinning down exact figures, making it even harder to accept how often it happens. Most agree, however, that anywhere between 2% and 10% of rape accusations are lies.

Attorney Brian Williams is prepared to investigate any accusation levied against you. He can track down your whereabouts at the time of the alleged event, possibly proving that you were not present at the time of an assault. He will also scrutinize physical evidence, possibly revealing a lack of DNA or fingerprints when you’ve been wrongfully accused.

Sexual Offender Registry

When someone is found guilty of a sex crime, their name is often added to the National Sexual Offender Registry. This database can reveal their location and even their photo to total strangers. It does not contain any nuance of the facts in their case, however. It simply lists the charges against the individual, sending a clear message that they are dangerous and that people should avoid them.

It’s important to fight your sex crime allegations in court. Passively accepting a plea may reduce a potential sentence, but it can also affect the rest of your life. You could be included in the official registry, both within the state and at a federal level. Getting your name removed is a long, difficult process, and it’s better to never appear on this list in the first place.

Sex Crime Penalties In Indiana

The state defines most sex crimes as felonies, the most severe crimes in the legal system. Felony offenses stain your record and make it difficult to secure a job and housing. The difficulties compound when those felonies involve sexual abuse.

Indiana has six different felony charges, all of which include incarceration penalties:

  • Level 6 felonies can result in six months to 2 1/2 years.
  • Level 5 felonies can result in one to six years.
  • Level 4 felonies can result in two to 12 years.
  • Level 3 felonies can result in three to 16 years.
  • Level 2 felonies can result in 10 to 30 years.
  • Level 1 felonies can result in 20 to 40 years.

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