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Consequences of a felony conviction

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When the courts convict someone of a felony, it can lead to serious and lasting consequences.

These legal actions can have a big impact on different parts of a person’s life, and it is important to understand these effects.

Employment and educational challenges

Did you know that of the 46% of the 64% of men who experienced an arrest before the age of 35 received a conviction, but these people need a job after they serve their time. Employers and higher education institutions often check individuals’ backgrounds before hiring or admitting them. In addition, some careers and jobs have rules that prevent people with felony convictions from working in certain roles.

Housing difficulties

Landlords and property managers also do background checks on potential tenants. Having a felony conviction can lead to rejections or the inability to rent in certain areas. This makes it challenging to find a safe and affordable place to live.

Loss of voting rights

In Indiana, felony convictions result in losing the right to vote while incarcerated. Therefore, these people may not have the ability to participate in elections. They should check their registration and can reregister if necessary upon their release from prison.

Social stigma and relationships

Having a felony conviction can bring social stigma and strain relationships. Friends and family members may distance themselves, so rebuilding trust and maintaining healthy relationships can be tough.

Financial and government assistance

Felony convictions can affect financial assistance and government program eligibility. This includes restrictions on getting federal student aid, housing help and some employment-related benefits.

Understanding these consequences reveals the need for rehabilitation and support systems to help people reintegrate into society and overcome these challenges after serving their sentences.