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Indiana’s Shocking Unsolved Homicide Statistics & How This Affects You

by | May 15, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Homicide, as defined by Indiana law, refers to the illegal act of causing the death of another individual. The specific forms of homicide can vary depending on factors such as the accused individual’s involvement, intentions, and how the actions led to the victim’s death. In Indiana there are around 7,205 unsolved murder cases, these unsolved cases reach all the way back to 1975 if not further and as recent as 2019. In the 2019 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) which is published by the FBI the violent crime rate in Indiana is nearly 4% meaning for every 100,000 resident 370 people are affected. In Indianapolis the population is about 1.8 million people, and the violent crime rate is around 12%. For every 100,000 people in Indianapolis 1,272 people were affected by violent crimes.  

A Look at Indiana’s Unsolved Homicides 

Some of the unsolved homicides in Indiana include the murder of Lowell Badger. Badger was murdered in December of 2012 during a burglary. Law enforcement and Badger’s family continue to solicit help from the public and are currently offering a $30,000 reward. 

In addition to the Badger case, there is also the double murder of Liberty “Libby” German and Abigail “Abby” Williams that occurred in 2017. The 1975 unsolved murder in Indiana mentioned previously is the murder of Vali Davis.   

Relevant Statistics to Consider 

In Indiana there are seven different types of homicide; Murder, causing suicide, assisting suicide, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter reckless homicide and feticide. 

According to the 2019 UCR of 100,000 people roughly 6 of them will be murdered. In Indiana between 1980 and 2019 there were about 17,523 homicides of which 10,318 have been solved leaving the 7,205 Indiana Cold cases mentioned above. In Marion County Indiana the number of murders each year has progressively risen and aren’t showing signs of slowing. In 2016 there were approximately 151 murders, 156 in 2017, 162 in 2018 and 172 in 2019. 

The Ripple Effect of Unsolved Homicides  

Families of homicide victims in Indiana are obviously directly affected by the murders. In cases children are forced to be raised without one of their parents and in some circumstances never get any form of a replacement for the lost parent. Parents are losing their children all too soon. 

All of this is directly affecting the rise in violent crime throughout the state. As families lose their loved ones, they develop a disdain for other people that could cause them to lash out, creating a similar situation. With the number of cold cases in Indiana it may seem as though it’s easy to get away with different types of violent crimes that could escalate into murder down the line.  

Breeding Ground for False Accusations 

As a result of the high number of unsolved murders in Indiana, both the police and the families of the victims are driven to search for the culprits. However, this search may lead people to act impulsively and accuse others of murder without sufficient evidence. 

The police might resort to interrogating individuals without valid reasons, hoping to get a confession. Unfortunately, this approach has previously resulted in false confessions and innocent people being wrongly imprisoned. 

Accused of Homicide? Know Your Rights 

If you are facing accusations of homicide, it is imperative to know your rights. You are not obligated to speak to the interrogators, and it is highly recommended that you have a lawyer present whenever you speak to law enforcement in reference to the accusations. If you are being accused of homicide in Indiana, it is important to understand the relevant laws and potential penalties.  

Why Choosing the Right Legal Representation Matters 

It is important to have the right team of attorneys on your side when navigating the Indiana legal system, especially when it is associated with homicide. You need trustworthy, Knowledgeable and professional legal assistance during this challenging time. If you are facing charges of homicide, having competent homicide defense attorneys may be able to reduce the charges or the penalties. The attorneys should bring mitigating circumstances to light in an attempt to reduce charges. 

Mitigating circumstances are basically any extra details that could convince a judge or jury to give you a lighter sentence. This might include things like having no prior criminal record, or if you weren’t fully aware of your actions due to a mental illness. It could also apply if you were forced to commit the crime by someone else, or if the victim wasn’t entirely unwilling. 

Seeking Justice for Those Falsely Accused 

Not all “solved” cases mean the right person is behind bars. Just because a case is closed doesn’t guarantee justice was served. False accusations of homicide can have devastating consequences. If you’ve been wrongly accused of murder, don’t face this alone. The Law Office of B.D. Williams is here to fight for you.

Our experienced attorneys will meticulously review every aspect of your case, ensuring a thorough defense is built. We’ll protect your rights throughout the entire legal process, from the initial arrest to trial. We’ll aggressively fight to clear your name and ensure the truth comes to light.

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