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3 FAQs about probation violations

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense

With the jail system overloaded, the courts often look to probation as a viable option for some people.

Although it has proven a solid alternative to jail time, it still comes with a host of guidelines and restrictions that a convicted criminal must follow. Violating those terms can happen accidentally or on purpose, and may lead to unappealing consequences.

1. What ways could I violate probation?

While probation violations come in many forms, some happen much more frequently. Supervision violations account for nearly half of prison admissions. That may happen by not regularly meeting with your probation officer, refusing a drug test, or ignoring the fees you must pay. Other reasons include leaving the state without gaining approval, getting arrested for another crime, or having a weapon in your possession.

2. What happens if my probation officer believes I made a violation?

Once a probation officer has evidence of a violation, they will file the necessary paperwork. From there, the court will set a hearing date. Prior to that date, you may get served a warrant for your arrest without the option of a bond. During the hearing, the court will determine if a violation occurred and deliver a sentencing verdict.

3. What consequences might I face?

Even if you had a violation, it does necessarily mean you will get admitted to jail. Although it depends on your unique case, the judge may increase the length of probation, require you to wear an ankle monitor, or increase the penalties associated with the original offense.

With the right defense, a probation violation does not necessarily have to come with steep penalties.