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You have options to fight domestic battery charges

by | May 2, 2023 | Criminal Defense

As the target of a domestic battery claim, you may feel as though others presume your guilt until proven otherwise. This is a common situation that highlights the importance of standing up for your rights and defending yourself against wrongful accusations.

There are a few options for fighting domestic battery claims.

Was someone else responsible?

In some situations, victims of abuse will blame someone other than their actual abuser. When the abuse victim feels cornered but fears for their safety if they identify their abuser, they may identify someone else to deflect from the situation. If the victim targeted you in this situation, you can fight the charges.

Is this a malicious accusation?

If the relationship ended poorly and your accuser filed a claim of domestic battery with malicious intent, you can fight the charge in court. Any evidence you have of the accuser’s behavior or threats can support your defense, including testimony from others who may know the truth.

Were you protecting someone else?

If you were responsible for the incident in question but only because you were protecting someone else, that information is relevant to fight the charges. For example, if you intervened to stop the accuser from abusing a child, that may help you fight the charges.

Domestic battery convictions can interfere with your employment and housing eligibility. Fighting a wrongful accusation helps you protect yourself from the lasting implications of a criminal record as well as any associated jail time. Protect your freedom by fighting your domestic battery accusation.