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At the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq (“The Law Office of B.D. Williams“) we use cutting edge technology and virtual resources to optimize efficiency and deliver high quality work-product in the most cost effective manner possible. We are a proudly owned African-American law firm, and we proud of our ability to remain mindful of precedent, while keeping an eye on the future. As an Indiana criminal defense lawyer, we customize our unique service to fit the needs of individual clients using precedent to guide analysis in a growing and ever evolving legal landscape.


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Diligence Meets Passion

We approach each case as though it were our last, fully and faithfully advocating the position of our clients to the fullest extent possible under the law. In so doing, we ascertain the needs, issues and concerns of each client, apply existing rules of law and devise strategies to achieve superior results. We will fight to protect your rights and interests until we achieve the results you deserve!

Core Values

Litigation is adversarial by nature. Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on conducting ourselves in a manner that commands respect for the practice of law and our clients. Moreover, the Law Office of B.D. Williams is founded on core principals including diligence, good faith, perserverance and dedication. These principles guide the work of the firm as well as all interactions with clients, court staff, opposing counsel and the Court itself.
Passion for the law is something that is all too often missing from representation. We maintain passion for the law and zealous representation because we firmly grasp the principles upon which this country was founded. We believe that no mountain is too big to climb nor too big to remove!
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Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law Bio

Brian D. Williams is the managing attorney for the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq. Brian was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Indianapolis. Brian attended Ball State University where he played football and obtained his Bachelor of Science. After attending Ball State University, Brian attended The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL where he honed his trial advocacy skills through the guidance and direction of top Chicago prosecutors. Brian graduated from the John Marshall Law School after only 2.5 years (Class Rank: No. 1), with honors, and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2002. Thereafter, Brian practiced civil litigation at a well respected Chicago firm before entering private practice. As a private practitioner, Brian worked with top litigation firms on behalf of corporate clients. Brian also worked with Frederick F. Cohn one of Chicago’s most well known criminal defense attorneys. As a Chicago-area criminal defense attorney, Brian personally handled numerous criminal cases including felony drug and weapon cases as well as misdemeanor traffic, drug and weapon cases. Afterwards, Brian returned to Indianapolis, took and passed the Indiana Bar examination and was admitted to the Indiana Bar.

Bar Admission

Illinois; Indiana.

Professional Affiliations

Indiana State Bar Association, Indiana State Bar Association Litigation Section, Indiana State Bar Association Family Law Section, Indiananapolis Bar Association Criminal Law Section, “We the People” Citizen Education Advisory Committee Board Member.

The Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq

At the Intersection of Precedent, Innovation, Core Values and Passion!
Through the years of private practice, Brian D. Williams learned many of the techniques employed by corporations to decrease their costs, overhead and legal expenses. Two of the most prevalent techniques are electronic file management and national distribution of work to attorneys via electronic means. For years, corporations have used these techniques to reduce their legal costs and increase their profits. Meanwhile, individuals walk into law firms with chandeliers, paintings, oak furnishings, and exotic plants, and eventually pay the cost in their final bill.  Corporations aren’t the only ones that should be benefiting from advances in technology and virtual resources. Individuals with markedly less income and cash also deserve quality, cost-effective legal representation.  In fact, if you’ve been arrested or are involved in a familial dispute, you need quality, cost-efficient legal representation, not chandeliers and paintings. That’s why the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq is built on a virtual platform, reducing costs to the client and delivering the quality-work that corporations receive on a daily basis!  The cost of an arrest and conviction, for example, can affect both yourself and your family for years to come.  Don’t take the chance that a conviction or faulty decree will follow you for the remainder of your life. Call the Law Office of B.D. Williams, Esq and schedule your free consultation today!

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